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Mickey-Minnie Goody Bags

Go Ahead… tell me that i am a Bad blogger. my last post was abt weeks back.

I am so much into celebrating our kiddos BirthdayS.  yaa.. BirthdayS.. they both have bdays falling in April. Spring kids.

Elder one is going to be four on 6th april & younger one is going to be 2 on 2nd april. o yaa baby.. hands full. Seriously.. i have been going through many blogs & pins & googling about Birthday parties. Theme to go is Mickey & Minnie. Kripa & Keshav is been enjoying Mickey-Minnie episodes a lot recently & they love love dancing on the Hot-Dog song. well, obvoiusly i join them too & its FUN ! 🙂

So, i am a crafy mamma at home now a days & doing lot of stuff related to that. If u follow me you will know that I am a Money-saving Addict.  & i was so fed up of the regular tote bags/plastic pre-made goody bags .. thought i wud do something different this time…So i have been to the $ stores & got a few stuff & here is what i have done.

1. Goody Bags.

I got this 40 pack brown bags at $ tree for $1. then i already had glue & scissors with me.

I Just downloaded a Mickey face template & wrote a thanks note for kiddos who will be attending the party. I chose red for Keshav & pink for kripa & took color prints on an a4 size paper. i could get  4 of the templates on a single page & size was just perfect to put on the  brown bag.


Doing cut outs was really time-consuming especially when u try to get that perfect shape. i have about 18 cut outs for kripa &  10 for Keshav. it looked real cute.


then i just glued them on to the front of brown bag. you cud use a regular paper glue or a glue stick.

Now its time to put goodies in there & pack it up.


i have red & pink ribbons to have a cute closer of the bags.


If you got any Qs, pls do comment & i will be sure to answer it.


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Whoa! what fun we had while making a Binocular project & double the fun while using them. Its super super easy & tons of fun.

We just need

1. 2 toilet paper rolls ,

2. Yarn/thread or any lace to tie & put around neck

3. glue/stapler & any crafty stuff to decorate it.

We first decorate the rolls, put stickers, draw something on them or just scribble markers over them  or spread glitter over them or anything you might like.

Then we punch holes in each of them on the top, put thread thru, tie them & create a neck band.

Then put glue on the opposite side of the punch holes all the way down the roll, stick both of the rolls together on the same level to look like binoculars.

Wait for it to completely dry. & if your kid happens to be very impatient like mine then you cud staple it together from both the ends. 🙂

Look for bugs outdoors,  shapes & stuff inside house.  play “I Spy” or just about anything to have FUN.

Look,  this is 1 of the things we did this whole week , we have been really crafty . My fav part was using old boxes & putting them to use. Also Kripa just loves doing art/craft work , so its a quality time spent with her.

These are rectangle Kleenex boxes turned into craft stuff storage.

We need-

1. kleenex tissue box & spare card boards.

2. glue, scissors

3. construction paper

4. craft stuff to decorate the box.

First we remove the extra plastic sticking to the top opening & then cut the top layer from 3 sides so it becomes a flap & keeps open from the 4th larger side. then i measure & take a spare cardboard & make a partition. I divide it in two equal parts. you can do in any which way u like. you may want to go for 3 equal parts or may be 1 larger & 1 smaller part.

then i wrap the whole thing up with construction paper. you dont need to have a really neat or perfect wrapping. you cud use the spare paper cut outs too. in fact i wud prefer those to make it look more crafty & colorful. 🙂

decorate it with stickers/glitter/anything u may like & you are done.

Keshav’s  First day @ school… March, 7 2012 date to be noted. I wish there were live cams in the school & i cud see wht all he did. 🙂 .


As explained by his teacher Ms. Cathy , he had a good day.. this morning  dad went to drop him, he was right on time at 9 am.There weren’t many kids at that time, he straight went to the Car’s rack & started playing with some. dad left & he continued to play.Kids started coming in the room & one by one everybody came & took the cars away. after he lost the last one, he started crying … 😦 awwww… but then Ms cathy gave a bunch of cars to him again & he sat all morning near the toy rack & played with cars.  he ate quite a bit of macaroni & had milk in the school. & then had a nap till dad was there again to pick him up at 2 PM. he was sleeping sound on his blue bear blanket. Dad hugged him & he realized that he was napping at school… 🙂 … He was happy after coming home.. 🙂


Last evening was into labelling his lunch boxes, bottles etc. He has no idea, what a big change it will be for him. I hope & wish he enjoy his time there & make lot of friends.

She Did It ! :)

Today was a big day in my house. Reason#1. Our little girl wrote her name in a straight line for the first time(@home) or may be its the first time i saw her writing, she might have wrote one before in school. Its a BIG BIG deal for me & my heart really pumps up too much in happiness. every little thing done by the child counts & i just want to make those things as reasons for ‘our’ happiness.

& Reason#2. She got the colors & shapes worksheet correct. I’ve been trying this for a long time now but this week when she came with a similar worksheet with all the shapes as same color from her school, i thought , i wud need to give it a time ; but to my surprize, i didnt need to work on this. she just got it right 🙂

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