Go Ahead… tell me that i am a Bad blogger. my last post was abt weeks back.

I am so much into celebrating our kiddos BirthdayS.  yaa.. BirthdayS.. they both have bdays falling in April. Spring kids.

Elder one is going to be four on 6th april & younger one is going to be 2 on 2nd april. o yaa baby.. hands full. Seriously.. i have been going through many blogs & pins & googling about Birthday parties. Theme to go is Mickey & Minnie. Kripa & Keshav is been enjoying Mickey-Minnie episodes a lot recently & they love love dancing on the Hot-Dog song. well, obvoiusly i join them too & its FUN ! 🙂

So, i am a crafy mamma at home now a days & doing lot of stuff related to that. If u follow me you will know that I am a Money-saving Addict.  & i was so fed up of the regular tote bags/plastic pre-made goody bags .. thought i wud do something different this time…So i have been to the $ stores & got a few stuff & here is what i have done.

1. Goody Bags.

I got this 40 pack brown bags at $ tree for $1. then i already had glue & scissors with me.

I Just downloaded a Mickey face template & wrote a thanks note for kiddos who will be attending the party. I chose red for Keshav & pink for kripa & took color prints on an a4 size paper. i could get  4 of the templates on a single page & size was just perfect to put on the  brown bag.


Doing cut outs was really time-consuming especially when u try to get that perfect shape. i have about 18 cut outs for kripa &  10 for Keshav. it looked real cute.


then i just glued them on to the front of brown bag. you cud use a regular paper glue or a glue stick.

Now its time to put goodies in there & pack it up.


i have red & pink ribbons to have a cute closer of the bags.


If you got any Qs, pls do comment & i will be sure to answer it.