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Disney Picture Wall Deco

This was my last moment idea when i had 1 spare black craft sheet left for nothing. i decided to put it to use & create a picture  deco out of it. i simply free handed sketched a mickey face border on the whole sheet & just  cut it out with all the curves.


then i rolled pink crepe paper on 1 ear & red crepe paper on another. I started from the center & i kept putting glue on the sheet & kept making pleats using my thumb & index finger out of crepe paper & kept rolling it in a circle direction.


the closer look

& now its upto you, how you wanna decorate it. i took a A4 size print of my kiddos photo & gave it an oval shape & glued it in the middle. & wrote happy birthday with glitter pens.


This is a very cute Banner with Disney character which you can use it as a door banner or put up on dining table corners or high chair rails or put it up over fire place like i did or any where for the deco.  This is really easy to make.

i needed:

  1. 1 plain black craft sheet
  2. scissors & glue
  3. Color Prints
  4. golden glitter
  5. ribbon – i used cream color

The template i used is here..

First i traced this template over a plain black craft sheet & cut out 6 shapes.

then i have these characters printed with colored ink.

then i cut them out individually.

& glued it over the sheet cut outs

Then i decorated the border with glitter end to end.

left it for about 15 mins to dry.

Then attach them all with ribbons thru their ears, leave about a foot at the ends to put them up.

& you are done.

We have been to one of this minnie themed birthday party  where they have put up big wall stickers of minnie & her bows.  i planned to do the same, decorate wall with big stickers in our mickey-minnie party but when i checked out the price.. these seems to be really expensive specially when i needed the big ones. so i decided to make my own wall-deco .

i needed:

  1. 2 plain white craft sheets – costed .50 per sheet.
  2. scissors & glue
  3. markers & crayons
  4. balloon cut outs.
  5. deco ribbon

So, i used the picture below.

i used one sheet for mickey & one sheet for mickey, since i wanted the big poster.. so..  took a plain sheet , made grid lines & started sketching.  this one was easier for me coz i have learnt sketching for many many years. it took me about 10 mins to sketch each one of them.


& then comes the coloring part. started off with my fav part. Minnie’s bow & dress 🙂


& Mickey’s naughty face.


I did not have skin-color markers,  so used crayons on the face & it turned pretty good.


the hardest part was cutting it out through the curves. a lot of patience did it.


then i struck them on the wall side by side with balloon cut outs on the top & attached ribbons with balloon end & made mickey hold them. They look real cute. 🙂 & the wall looked pretty.

Mickey-Minnie banner

Designing & crafting the banner was the most exiting activity for me for the party.

you need

  1. 2 craft sheets – black color
  2. glitter pens – red, pink & silver
  3. scissors & glue
  4. some print cut outs
  5. ribbons- pink, red & white
Here is the template i used for banner cut outs, minnie bow & party hat.
okay so i got started up with tracing the mickey head on plain black sheet & cut out the shapes , ( 5 for happy, 8 for birthday & 12 for names)

then i designed the alphabets circles with black background. white for happy birthday, pink for my daughter’s name & red for sons’s name. Here are the templates.


after sticking the Alphabet Print circles on the black sheet mickey head shape, i decorated them with the glitter on the corners of the mickey ears. i used silver on Happy Birthday , pink on daughter’s name & red on son’s name.


left them for about 15-20 mins for drying.

then i attached the cut outs with ribbons. it was quite a job for me coz i didnot have a punching machine. i literally have to dig holes in each one of them with a tiny screw diver, insert the ribbon & pull it off according to the required size. leave about a foot of ribbon at the ends to put it up on the wall.

then i glued minnie bows over my daughter’s name cut out & party hats over my son’s name cut outs.

It looked so  pretty after i was all done.

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