This is a very cute Banner with Disney character which you can use it as a door banner or put up on dining table corners or high chair rails or put it up over fire place like i did or any where for the deco.  This is really easy to make.

i needed:

  1. 1 plain black craft sheet
  2. scissors & glue
  3. Color Prints
  4. golden glitter
  5. ribbon – i used cream color

The template i used is here..

First i traced this template over a plain black craft sheet & cut out 6 shapes.

then i have these characters printed with colored ink.

then i cut them out individually.

& glued it over the sheet cut outs

Then i decorated the border with glitter end to end.

left it for about 15 mins to dry.

Then attach them all with ribbons thru their ears, leave about a foot at the ends to put them up.

& you are done.