This is my by far my fav gift-pakaging. It took a little time but all worth it. Milk M&M’s were in Favorite snack for Keshav’s teacher Ms Kathy. She kept looking at it for a minute when keshav handed it to her. & i was so glad she liked it.

Things i used:

  1. M&M’s Fun size bags.
  2. Transparent wrapping roll
  3. Transparent small Archival bags 3″*4″
  4. Scissors
  5. Home-Printed Tags
  6. packaging tape

These are cute small M &M’s  bags probably the size of your palm. first, i packed each of them seperately in small archival bag & secured it with each colored tags as shown in pic below

& i made 5 small bags with all 5 different colors with the detailed meaning given to each color.

Then i put them one over another in such a way that all the color tags are visible & secured it with packing tape on the top with securing the bottom also with packaging tape. then i put the tagged ribbon around the tape & tied it.

  1.  Here is the Color dots Printable. 
  2. Here is the Tag Template.