Candles are always been teacher’s favorite. The scent differs & we obviously knew the choice by the sheet we got of “teacher’s Favorite things.” So Floral was the fav for Ms chowdhury & Vanilla was the favorite for Ms Kathy.

I got the candle jars for just $1 each from walmart. These are glass jars with lids & about 3″ in height.

we need

  1. Candle jars
  2. Transparent packing roll
  3. scissors
  4. packing tape
  5. home-printed tags
  6. Ribbons


Firstly, i put the jar on transparent wrap & cut the square out , enough to pull the ends up & secure it with the packing tape at the top.


then i put the ribbon with a tag around the tape & tie it.


& we r done. 🙂

1. Here is the Blank Tag Template . 

2. Here is the designed Tag-Template.