this is the gift i came up with the inspirations i saw on other blogs on crayon vas & color pencils vas.

i usually collect the empty brown roll after we use our kitchen towel rolls. & i just thought it wud be a right thing to use for pencil vas.

we need-

  1. hollow brown kitchen towel roll
  2. about 25 colored pencils
  3. scissors & packaging tape
  4. rubber band
  5. ribbon
  6. home-printed tags
  7. paper flowers

& i started off with cutting the roll & making it to the size of pencils. then lining up the pencils around the roll. i first lined up 4-5 pencils & put the rubber band around it then start inserting pencils in the band. it looks something like this…

& then i already had some paper flowers with the long pipe cleaners. i put the flower inside the roll & somehow adjusted the pipe cleaners inside so it wont pop out. you can secure them with pakaging tape so it wud be in their place.

okay, now i just tied the a broad ribbon  around the pencils on the rubber band & made it look like a bow.

Now stick a round tag on the ribbon with a thank you message for a teacher.

& we are done. 🙂

  1. Here is the Tag template .