Orbit gum jar. This was listed in the favorite snack for Kripa’s teacher – Ms Chowdhury.

Things i used:

  1. Orbit Gum Jar- 120 pack
  2. Transparent wrapping paper
  3. Sciccors
  4. Pakaging tape
  5. Ribbon
  6. Home-printed gift tags.

I just kept the orbit jar on transparent wrapping paper & cut the paper in equal square from all the sides, enuf to pull the ends up for wrapping. Now put the packaging tape just to secure the ends , right  on the top, as shown in the pic.


Now, i have these tags attached  with a ribbon ,  tied it over the secured tape.

i put some more curled ribbons around on the top to make it look good.

& you are done.

1. Here is the Tag Template  .