April is a Special Month in our home. thats when we welcomed two most beautiful flowers in our world. My girl & boy have their birthdays in april a week apart. & i personally think its so wonderful. We have a fun-filled week with lots of activities, get together, friends meet-up, cup cakes, sweets  & so much more. I always felt a day is too less to celebrate a bday but after we had this Bday week. We were so Satisfied & happy.

We had a get together at home. & what made it special was the Home made Crafts. The theme we chose was Mickey-Minnie coz we decided to celebrate it together at home on a weekend. I got Mickey shirt for Keshav & Minnie Tee for Kripa , Ordered a single cake with Mickey & minnie Pic &  both of their names on it.

Below are the crafts we worked on.

  1. Disney Picture wall Deco

  2. mickey-minnie goody bags

  3. Mickey-Minnie Banner

  4. Disney Banner

  5. Mickey-Minnie Wall Deco