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Mickey-Minnie Party

April is a Special Month in our home. thats when we welcomed two most beautiful flowers in our world. My girl & boy have their birthdays in april a week apart. & i personally think its so wonderful. We have a fun-filled week with lots of activities, get together, friends meet-up, cup cakes, sweets  & so much more. I always felt a day is too less to celebrate a bday but after we had this Bday week. We were so Satisfied & happy.

We had a get together at home. & what made it special was the Home made Crafts. The theme we chose was Mickey-Minnie coz we decided to celebrate it together at home on a weekend. I got Mickey shirt for Keshav & Minnie Tee for Kripa , Ordered a single cake with Mickey & minnie Pic &  both of their names on it.

Below are the crafts we worked on.

  1. Disney Picture wall Deco

  2. mickey-minnie goody bags

  3. Mickey-Minnie Banner

  4. Disney Banner

  5. Mickey-Minnie Wall Deco


this is the gift i came up with the inspirations i saw on other blogs on crayon vas & color pencils vas.

i usually collect the empty brown roll after we use our kitchen towel rolls. & i just thought it wud be a right thing to use for pencil vas.

we need-

  1. hollow brown kitchen towel roll
  2. about 25 colored pencils
  3. scissors & packaging tape
  4. rubber band
  5. ribbon
  6. home-printed tags
  7. paper flowers

& i started off with cutting the roll & making it to the size of pencils. then lining up the pencils around the roll. i first lined up 4-5 pencils & put the rubber band around it then start inserting pencils in the band. it looks something like this…

& then i already had some paper flowers with the long pipe cleaners. i put the flower inside the roll & somehow adjusted the pipe cleaners inside so it wont pop out. you can secure them with pakaging tape so it wud be in their place.

okay, now i just tied the a broad ribbon  around the pencils on the rubber band & made it look like a bow.

Now stick a round tag on the ribbon with a thank you message for a teacher.

& we are done. 🙂

  1. Here is the Tag template .

Candles are always been teacher’s favorite. The scent differs & we obviously knew the choice by the sheet we got of “teacher’s Favorite things.” So Floral was the fav for Ms chowdhury & Vanilla was the favorite for Ms Kathy.

I got the candle jars for just $1 each from walmart. These are glass jars with lids & about 3″ in height.

we need

  1. Candle jars
  2. Transparent packing roll
  3. scissors
  4. packing tape
  5. home-printed tags
  6. Ribbons


Firstly, i put the jar on transparent wrap & cut the square out , enough to pull the ends up & secure it with the packing tape at the top.


then i put the ribbon with a tag around the tape & tie it.


& we r done. 🙂

1. Here is the Blank Tag Template . 

2. Here is the designed Tag-Template. 

This is a Big pack of Peanut M&M’s.

We just need

  1. Transparent Packing roll
  2. Scissors
  3. Packing tape
  4. Blue or any color broad Ribbon
  5. Home Printed tag

This one was real easy & was done without putting much effort but looked pretty good.

First i just packed it simply with the transparent wrap & secured it with packing tape at the back.

Then i inserted the ribbon in the tag & put it around the M&M pack & tied it in the middle.

& You are done. 🙂

  1. Here is the Tag Template. 

Its been such a lovely Lovely week. Teacher’s Appreciation. Seriously , a week is too less to show our appreciation to all the teacher we ever had in life.  More than gift giving, i love to  make it more crafty & do some personalization so we can better communicate our feelings. Rather than giving gift cards , i chose to buy teacher’s favorite things, wrap them & write a personal note for them with their names on it. that wud sure make them happy & believe me , it did. i already got so many Thank-You cards from teachers.

I had been to michael’s & got Transparent wrapping roll for $ 4.99, Small Archival Transparent bags , some ribbons.

Today is the last of Teacher’s Appreciation week & a friday. Looking forward for a nice break this weekend.

Below are the gifts we chose to gift & the ways i wrapped them up with all the printables for you. You can use them  if u may like. some of them are downloaded from other useful websites ( Thanks for nice people for sharing them) & some of them are created from scratch by me. You would just need to make changes to the name.

Below are the links for the Gifts.

Teacher’s Gift Orbit Gum

Teacher’s Gift M&M’s

Teacher’s Gift Peanut M&M’s

Teacher’s Gift  Candle Jars

Teacher’s Gift Color pencil vas

This is my by far my fav gift-pakaging. It took a little time but all worth it. Milk M&M’s were in Favorite snack for Keshav’s teacher Ms Kathy. She kept looking at it for a minute when keshav handed it to her. & i was so glad she liked it.

Things i used:

  1. M&M’s Fun size bags.
  2. Transparent wrapping roll
  3. Transparent small Archival bags 3″*4″
  4. Scissors
  5. Home-Printed Tags
  6. packaging tape

These are cute small M &M’s  bags probably the size of your palm. first, i packed each of them seperately in small archival bag & secured it with each colored tags as shown in pic below

& i made 5 small bags with all 5 different colors with the detailed meaning given to each color.

Then i put them one over another in such a way that all the color tags are visible & secured it with packing tape on the top with securing the bottom also with packaging tape. then i put the tagged ribbon around the tape & tied it.

  1.  Here is the Color dots Printable. 
  2. Here is the Tag Template. 

Orbit gum jar. This was listed in the favorite snack for Kripa’s teacher – Ms Chowdhury.

Things i used:

  1. Orbit Gum Jar- 120 pack
  2. Transparent wrapping paper
  3. Sciccors
  4. Pakaging tape
  5. Ribbon
  6. Home-printed gift tags.

I just kept the orbit jar on transparent wrapping paper & cut the paper in equal square from all the sides, enuf to pull the ends up for wrapping. Now put the packaging tape just to secure the ends , right  on the top, as shown in the pic.


Now, i have these tags attached  with a ribbon ,  tied it over the secured tape.

i put some more curled ribbons around on the top to make it look good.

& you are done.

1. Here is the Tag Template  .

Disney Picture Wall Deco

This was my last moment idea when i had 1 spare black craft sheet left for nothing. i decided to put it to use & create a picture  deco out of it. i simply free handed sketched a mickey face border on the whole sheet & just  cut it out with all the curves.


then i rolled pink crepe paper on 1 ear & red crepe paper on another. I started from the center & i kept putting glue on the sheet & kept making pleats using my thumb & index finger out of crepe paper & kept rolling it in a circle direction.


the closer look

& now its upto you, how you wanna decorate it. i took a A4 size print of my kiddos photo & gave it an oval shape & glued it in the middle. & wrote happy birthday with glitter pens.

This is a very cute Banner with Disney character which you can use it as a door banner or put up on dining table corners or high chair rails or put it up over fire place like i did or any where for the deco.  This is really easy to make.

i needed:

  1. 1 plain black craft sheet
  2. scissors & glue
  3. Color Prints
  4. golden glitter
  5. ribbon – i used cream color

The template i used is here..

First i traced this template over a plain black craft sheet & cut out 6 shapes.

then i have these characters printed with colored ink.

then i cut them out individually.

& glued it over the sheet cut outs

Then i decorated the border with glitter end to end.

left it for about 15 mins to dry.

Then attach them all with ribbons thru their ears, leave about a foot at the ends to put them up.

& you are done.

We have been to one of this minnie themed birthday party  where they have put up big wall stickers of minnie & her bows.  i planned to do the same, decorate wall with big stickers in our mickey-minnie party but when i checked out the price.. these seems to be really expensive specially when i needed the big ones. so i decided to make my own wall-deco .

i needed:

  1. 2 plain white craft sheets – costed .50 per sheet.
  2. scissors & glue
  3. markers & crayons
  4. balloon cut outs.
  5. deco ribbon

So, i used the picture below.

i used one sheet for mickey & one sheet for mickey, since i wanted the big poster.. so..  took a plain sheet , made grid lines & started sketching.  this one was easier for me coz i have learnt sketching for many many years. it took me about 10 mins to sketch each one of them.


& then comes the coloring part. started off with my fav part. Minnie’s bow & dress 🙂


& Mickey’s naughty face.


I did not have skin-color markers,  so used crayons on the face & it turned pretty good.


the hardest part was cutting it out through the curves. a lot of patience did it.


then i struck them on the wall side by side with balloon cut outs on the top & attached ribbons with balloon end & made mickey hold them. They look real cute. 🙂 & the wall looked pretty.

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