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Keshav’s  First day @ school… March, 7 2012 date to be noted. I wish there were live cams in the school & i cud see wht all he did. 🙂 .


As explained by his teacher Ms. Cathy , he had a good day.. this morning  dad went to drop him, he was right on time at 9 am.There weren’t many kids at that time, he straight went to the Car’s rack & started playing with some. dad left & he continued to play.Kids started coming in the room & one by one everybody came & took the cars away. after he lost the last one, he started crying … 😦 awwww… but then Ms cathy gave a bunch of cars to him again & he sat all morning near the toy rack & played with cars.  he ate quite a bit of macaroni & had milk in the school. & then had a nap till dad was there again to pick him up at 2 PM. he was sleeping sound on his blue bear blanket. Dad hugged him & he realized that he was napping at school… 🙂 … He was happy after coming home.. 🙂


Last evening was into labelling his lunch boxes, bottles etc. He has no idea, what a big change it will be for him. I hope & wish he enjoy his time there & make lot of friends.


She Did It ! :)

Today was a big day in my house. Reason#1. Our little girl wrote her name in a straight line for the first time(@home) or may be its the first time i saw her writing, she might have wrote one before in school. Its a BIG BIG deal for me & my heart really pumps up too much in happiness. every little thing done by the child counts & i just want to make those things as reasons for ‘our’ happiness.

& Reason#2. She got the colors & shapes worksheet correct. I’ve been trying this for a long time now but this week when she came with a similar worksheet with all the shapes as same color from her school, i thought , i wud need to give it a time ; but to my surprize, i didnt need to work on this. she just got it right 🙂

Hello world!

Here i am.. my 2nd blog.. totally for my kiddos.  i hope kids would love the practice/learning/worksheets as much as i do collecting & pasting it here in this blog.
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