Look,  this is 1 of the things we did this whole week , we have been really crafty . My fav part was using old boxes & putting them to use. Also Kripa just loves doing art/craft work , so its a quality time spent with her.

These are rectangle Kleenex boxes turned into craft stuff storage.

We need-

1. kleenex tissue box & spare card boards.

2. glue, scissors

3. construction paper

4. craft stuff to decorate the box.

First we remove the extra plastic sticking to the top opening & then cut the top layer from 3 sides so it becomes a flap & keeps open from the 4th larger side. then i measure & take a spare cardboard & make a partition. I divide it in two equal parts. you can do in any which way u like. you may want to go for 3 equal parts or may be 1 larger & 1 smaller part.

then i wrap the whole thing up with construction paper. you dont need to have a really neat or perfect wrapping. you cud use the spare paper cut outs too. in fact i wud prefer those to make it look more crafty & colorful. 🙂

decorate it with stickers/glitter/anything u may like & you are done.