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Whoa! what fun we had while making a Binocular project & double the fun while using them. Its super super easy & tons of fun.

We just need

1. 2 toilet paper rolls ,

2. Yarn/thread or any lace to tie & put around neck

3. glue/stapler & any crafty stuff to decorate it.

We first decorate the rolls, put stickers, draw something on them or just scribble markers over them  or spread glitter over them or anything you might like.

Then we punch holes in each of them on the top, put thread thru, tie them & create a neck band.

Then put glue on the opposite side of the punch holes all the way down the roll, stick both of the rolls together on the same level to look like binoculars.

Wait for it to completely dry. & if your kid happens to be very impatient like mine then you cud staple it together from both the ends. 🙂

Look for bugs outdoors,  shapes & stuff inside house.  play “I Spy” or just about anything to have FUN.


She Did It ! :)

Today was a big day in my house. Reason#1. Our little girl wrote her name in a straight line for the first time(@home) or may be its the first time i saw her writing, she might have wrote one before in school. Its a BIG BIG deal for me & my heart really pumps up too much in happiness. every little thing done by the child counts & i just want to make those things as reasons for ‘our’ happiness.

& Reason#2. She got the colors & shapes worksheet correct. I’ve been trying this for a long time now but this week when she came with a similar worksheet with all the shapes as same color from her school, i thought , i wud need to give it a time ; but to my surprize, i didnt need to work on this. she just got it right 🙂

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